Mark English, Master of the Digital Arts

Hi, I am a multimedia expert based in Adelaide, South Australia.

As a generalist who has worked in the industry for over 15 years, on a wide of multimedia projects, I bring a wide range of abilities to each project.

I am equally comfortable creating high quality 3d animation for a television commercial (TVC), as I am writing PHP code for a database driven website, or taking on the front-end developer role with some slick Javascript and an eye for translating designs into pixel perfect sites. I also have ability to pick up new techniques and technologies quickly.

I am often able to bring together my animation skills, coding expertise and multimedia development background to enhance whatever project I'm working on. Sometimes it’s my understanding of animation concepts that allows me to fine tune a website’s menu animation so it feels just right, or my Photoshop experience that allows me to mock-up scenes before animating. My coding knowledge also allows me to script up a tool that takes a 3D TVC to the next level.

I am a full stack developer with a few bonus bits chucked in :)


Tackle the Triggers

A wordpress theme developed for Hybrid Marketing


wordpress theme

Adelaide Shores

A wordpress theme I worked on for Hybrid Marketing


A wordpress theme I worked on for Hybrid Marketing

Nova Aerospace

A wordpress theme I worked on during my time with Hybrid Marketing

GVH Aerospace

A wordpress theme


Showreel 2014

A compilation of my recent video and animation projects

IronFish TVC

Animated TVC for IronFish, an Adelaide based property advice company. Created in conjunction with Hybrid Marketing

Tali Engineering BluePrint

An animated background for the website Tali Engineering. Their Adelaide based site employs over 75 people within the administration, fabrication and erection departments.

Bingo interactive DVD 3d animations

We created all of the 3d Animated game draw graphics for an interactive Bingo DVD game produced by Imagination Entertainment.

Still for sale on Amazon by the looks of it, cool

Butterfly Labs, promotion winner 2013

I created the winning promotion for ButterflyLabs Bitcoin mining hardware

Mermaid Tail CG addition

the actress was unable to wear an enormous mermaid tail in the water, I added 3d tail tracked into the shot. part of a larger clip that can be viewed here.

Tali Engineering Buildings

An animated background for the website Tali Engineering. Their Adelaide based site employs over 75 people within the administration, fabrication and erection departments.

Jims Antennas TVC

3d animated 30 second TVC for Jims Antennas, I'm surprised the Jims group doesn't have its own 3d TVC production company

Created for Cool Hand Media

There is another Jim's animator getting around in Adelaide who does the Jims mowing TVC's, please don't confuse that abomination with my work

SuperCheap Auto TVC

My entry for SuperCheap Auto's Big Break competition.

It wasn't a real job but I had fun so its up here. I didn't win which I suspect was due to my lack of girls in bikini's washing cars, never mind.

SA Lotteries Keno draw graphics

We created over 50 draw 3d animations over for the SA Lotteries Keno system, these animations are still in use and played throughout South Australia at 1000's of sites.

This project included reverse engineering the original animations & system supplied by US firm GTech. Later the system was migrated to a Australian built backend and we assisted in the migration of all existing graphics.

Barnacle Bills TVC

3d animated 30 second TVC for Barnacle Bills, a well known Australian seafood restaurant.

Created for Cool Hand Media

Homeloan superstore TVC

3d animated 30 second TVC for the Homeloan Superstore, a NT based company

Created for Cool Hand Media

It's still one of my favourite animations as the client allowed us to go with a simple concept and the time to polish it.

Earthquake FX

Earthquake SFX and news story created for SA Ambulance


basic life support eLearning video

One of many eLearning videos produced for IntelliLearns basic life support course

EVA Kickstarter VR project

The promo video for my Kickstarter project EVA

SAAS Safe October

One of 15+ videos produced internally for SA Ambulance's award winning SAAS Safe campaign

McLaren Vale Orchards

producer profile video for McLaren Vale Orchards for the Willunga Farmers Market

SA Ambulance Sprint Car animation

Video & animation produced as an online companion for SA Ambulances 'every second counts' campaign, this one was intended to be a 'viral' video.

Hardings Fine Foods

producer profile video for the Willunga Farmers Market

SA Ambulance Sprint Car video

I filmed and edited this campaign video for the SA Ambulance Service.

When every second counts, there's no time to waste. That's why SA Ambulance Service has introduced first response single paramedic intervention (SPRINT) cars. Smaller and more agile than regular ambulances, they're also on their way to save someone's life. So please, if you hear a siren, move out the way.


VR Blood cells

A quick demo using the Unity game engine for the Oculus VR headset, intended to test how immersive a VR project inside the body could be. The blood cells are bouncing off when colliding with your head, with positional tracking you can dodge them

Jurassic Coaster VR

A fun VR ride to be used with the Oculus Rift, intended to be a gentler ride than the other VR roller coasters out there.
Using v0.4.3 of the sdk
Download link for ver 0.1

mobile app


beeScape is a unique and addictive puzzle game


Developed for the good people at


mobileOuija is a fun recreation of classic Ouija boards for iOS devices, and a great way of pranking friends.

Did you know the name Ouija came from asking the first ever board what they should call it?


Using advanced face detection algorithms the deBomber camera app is the best and easiest way to get rid of idiots trying to ruin your photos, or to hide someone or something thats in at meant to be in a shot before sharing online.

Juniortechs Farmyard

Customize with your childs name, this bright and colorful interactive picture book features 10 pages of your childs favorite farmyard animals, with each name and letter slept out. Each animal also plays its own sound and theres some secret clickables hidden there too

LytView Lytro viewer for Android

I received a Lytro lightfield camera as a gift, its really interesting technology but I was dissapointed to find there was no viewer for Android

I knocked up this simple viewer over a few days. Its not intended to do everything the iOS Lytro app does, just a simple viewer and currently still the only viewer for Lytro photos on the Android platform.